Inspire Equine Therapy Program

at Creek Under the Son Stables

Agricultural Training Program

Therapeutic Riding and Driving

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Balance, coordination and muscle tone improve through exercises done on horseback. Psychological benefits include increased independence, motivation and self-control. Vocabulary development and sequential learning contribute to cognitive gains, and self-esteem soars as the riders learn to control their mounts. Group lessons are $30 for half an hour. Advanced classes are $45.00 for 45 minutes. 

Horsemanship Field Trips (non-riding)

Special Olympics

Competition Training

Boy/Eagle Scouts and Girl Scouts Badges

Equine Facilitated Learning Programs - Social Skills, Drug Treatment Program, Abuse

Therapeutic Driving

Therapeutic Driving is an equine activity for people with various disabilities, in which the participant sits in a cart, pulled by a horse and learns the skills necessary to drive a horse. Driving is available for any participant who is interested in learning this skill, and also offers further independence and opportunity to participants who are unable or uninterested in riding for various reasons. Lessons for persons with disabilites is $50 per hour. 

Programs Available

A Free carriage driving program for disabled veterans and first responders. 

Horsemanship Programs

 Able Bodied Lessons 

Carriage Driving Lessons: Ages 10 and up - $65.00 per hour

Therapeutic Riding

Freedom Heroes and Equines Carriage Driving

The program provides equine and other agricultural training experiences to adults with disabilities who are over the age of 22 years old and currently no longer attending school. The program participants will learn the day- to-day skills during the two hour program that are required to care for horses, and how to maintain a clean and healthy barn environment. $10.00 per person minimum 5 people - maximum 2 hour program.